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Thank you for stopping by.  We are a Michigan based company.  We were incorporated in 1986, but operated prior to that time as City of Detroit DBA.

Our Primary Technology and business focus is in the area of Automotive and associated Technologies. Please see  Since the Detroit Automotive Economy has suffered a non recoverable-slowdown over the last six years, we opted to diversify our business by using our skills in the IT arena, using what we have done for big corporation but this time around serving the needs of small business.

Our competencies are wide ranging, but our focus here is small to medium size business needs, Starting with $500 web site design and deployment, web hosting and office automation

Please feel free to contact us with questions about our services on "info AT" , or call us directly on (248) 388-0211.

Thank you, and we look forward to your call.

Mouhamad, and the staff hope that we will give us the chance to provide you with a great value for your money.


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